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April 2015



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Apr. 21st, 2015

Writting Again

Hye There Journal,

Surely it has been a long while since I last write here..
I guess because for the past 3 years I'm busy being happily married and juggling work in between . hahaha

I think I want to start writing again.

See you soon.

Oct. 15th, 2012


I'm at the point of my life where i start to ponder whether all the sacrifice ( in my short life) that i have made is worthy or whether it is the right thing to do. Most of the time whenever I made a decision, I tend to put other people that matter to me first. From the little things like going out with a friend to a life changing decision of choosing a spouse. Yeah, maybe i over think about how other people will be affected with what I do. One reason why I seldom go out with my friends is i hate the fact that I don't know what my mom is doing at home alone if i'm not at home. So before i agree to go out with my friends I will ask my mom is she going anywhere that day..if she is not i will ask my lil sister is she going out too. If she is, and nobody will be at home..i'll just come out with excuses to stay home..hihihi.

From my experience, I don't believe in fighting with/over other people to achieve what I want. To me, it will just cause more problems in the future and maybe you'll have enemy by doing so. I DON'T KNOW. If everyone around me is happy..eventually I will be happy too even if initially i wasn't. That's the sacrifice that I'm talking about now. What's the use of me being happy, getting ALL that I want in my life, but causing pain & depression to others?? Well, you can't pleased everyone in the process..there might be one or two that will be a victim to the situation.

I'm hoping for the things that is larger than life. I believe that He already determine my fate and destiny in this life, and only time will tell me what life has in store for me. It is a matter of being patient, believing, and take everything in life positively.

6 59
(al-An'aam 6:59)
2 153

(al-Baqarah 2:153-152)

Sep. 18th, 2012

New leaf 2012

Here I am again after a year abandoning my livejournal.. Well, that's the longest hiatus i've been on. Actually I'm active in some other places during my hiatus...been bloging on blogspot, and active on Facebook. This year was definitely a crazy year for me, a year full of discoveries, especially about myself. For all we know, 2012 has been said as the year of the doom where the world will ends. Yeah at first it seems to be that way when I was put through many obstacles and challenges, things that I never imagine happen to my life before, and the year when I was so confused! Everything happened in 2012 i tell ya!

Finally, i think i have found my peace. I don't like having to throw put myself out there too much. I mean exposing to people what I do everyday. Updating every single hour on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for no reason. I will update when I think I want certain people to know about that. Other than that, i'm off the social networks. To me, that is called tranquility when you don't have to try to please people or get people randomly comment on your life. You will also notice that there are people that always stay around your life despite you being off the radar, they are definitely worth calling true friends. =) 

Another thing why I'm back here, I like the identity that I have here, hehe.. Not many people read this blog, I can express whatever I have in my mind, though I am a bit mysterious when writing here because I don't like spilling all the beans. I can say that, I want to teach myself a lesson as I wrote things in here. Yea..I guess that's why I like it better here. Why don't I just make a new blog where nobody know it's me? Well, at least I know that there a still people that I know reading this so I will still be extra careful when writing, not to regret whatever I write. My principal is simple. Ignore! Ignorance is Bliss~ Hence, I will ignore whatever anger or dissatisfaction I have rather than writting it down or telling other people. Eventually all that will go away because all those pain in the arss people is not worth my time. Ignore them, ignore them, ignore them.. haha.. Ignorance kills haters.

Aug. 29th, 2011


Ramadhan has come to an end. So far, this has yet to be my most memorable and meaningful Ramadhan. Why?? It's for me to know and you not to find out. bahhahaha..kejam tak? =p Kidding.. I'm not making huge leaps, just baby steps. Although i'm taking a step at a time, and the changes that i'm going though is not drastic...but it means alot to me. It’s a new beginning for me. Little things that i find amusing during this year Ramadhan is that i wasn't sleepy at all during Tarawih prayer throughout the month. It may sound simple... it is something to me.. because i have more understanding on the Ibadah. Ok, I shall stop here about my experience during Ramadhan. I don't feel like sharing here..

Actually I want to talk about jealousy today. Life is funny sometimes. People are funny. It wouldn’t be life if everyone is perfect, think the same way, have the same principle, act the same way, have the same opinion, agreeing to every single thing, etc... oh that would be a boring life, right?  So, we need all the flaws & conflicts to give a little bit of spices in our life. If we were to choose between being right and being wrong.. I would say 99.9% wants to be right. Meaning doing the right thing either by religion, law, or civilization. Nobody wants to be heading the wrong way. So I guess people will be competing against each other to be on top of everything. Well, that’s good. We all should change for the better. But do you all know that when we try to improve ourselves or do something good, someone is not happy with that. And it’s not Satan. It is someone very close to you that is always revolves in your daily life. I’m not saying all, but there are some. These people are JEALOUS of you.
There are two type of person, person that have a problem with you, and a person that is just psychologically sick.

Well of course the people that have problems with you don’t want you to be ahead of them. (Why do they feel that we are ahead of them anyway??) They will go on and on and on and on bragging about all the good things they’ve done. The major signs is that they start COMPARING. O yeahh.. They will compare from things like who contributed more to the little things like whose dress is more beautiful. SHOWING OFF is another syndrome of jealousy. They like to brag about all the good things that happened to them, brag about their fortune and luck on how Allah has rewarded them. As a person, we can differentiate when people are actually sharing stories because they are truly happy or just to show off. I always welcome people to share their happy stories with me, I love listening to stories... but I can smell when it is just pure showing off.

Psychologically sick. Kind of a harsh word right? haha. This type of people only wants the world to see them as are the only good person. Nobody is better than them. Of course they will deny it because they want to be seen as a holy person, remember?? They won’t brag out loud. They get jealous if you get praise by someone, and that it is not them that people are praising. They will try anything to get people to notice how wonderful they are. Attention seeker. It’s a mental sickness really. If they were actually a holy person, they would have wanted everyone around them to improve with them.

"Kalau hidup hanya mencari penghargaan manusia tidak kekal lama jika cari redha Allah akan kekal bahagia dan tenang. "

But it all come down to being PATIENCE with the temperament of people around us.. fa sobrun jamil ~ =))

Being patience may seems like a never ending thing to do.. but there is always something good that came out of it whether it is sooner or later..

Jul. 30th, 2011

mouth watering

In conjunction with Ramadhan around the corner, I want to blog about food!! hehe.. Don't take this personally okay?? It's not that I put food as a priority during this month, I just want to blog about food. That's all. I'm sure all you Muslim know your responsibilities during this beautiful month of Ramadhan to bring ourselves closer to Allah SWT. InsyaAllah =))

Back to food!!

Let me tell you what type of person I am when it come to eating out. I'm the type of person that does not like to explore from one restaurant to another. I would rather settle to a place that I really really love. It frustrated me when I try a new restaurant that doesn't really taste that good, worst...it taste awful!! So I like to play things safe by just dining in where I know it will definitely satisfy my taste bud! =)

I will only go to a new places If someone whom I trust their taste bud said that IT IS AN AWESOME PLACE TO TRY!! Then I will go. If i were to make a random pick.. not in a million years. Or else I will totally regret!

Here's the place where I REALLY REALLY enjoy my food.. My top 10 Place to eat!!

1. Nando's <---forever in my heart
2. Ayam Penyet Ria
3. Chilli's
4. Tony Roma's
5. Mali's Corner
6. Nasi Kukus Bukit Damansara
7. Akasia Cafe USJ
8. Laman Grill Shah Alam
9. Subway
10. O'Briens

*not in order

That's about it.. hahaha.. If I went out with my boyfriend.. It always revolve around these place... there are other few places..but i can't recall now. I'm sooo lazy to think now.  You said that it's bored to eat at the same place??? Well at least I LOVE what I'm eating =))

I have a taste bud of a food critics, and I'm a tough one to get through! haha..*masak sendiri tak pandai, ade hati nak critic2*

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